Management Services

Our Property Management Services

  • Screen applicants-review credit report on each tenant-check reference and rental histories- require proof of income and identifications. Each person 18 years of age and older are required to apply and be a responsible party to the terms of the contract.
  • Provide / initiate contracts including all required disclosures, documents and verbiage; Assuring the Owner that their tenants have been provided all necessary elements as required by the Nevada Law..
  • Collect rents, deposits and late fees from Tenants. Enforce all term of the contract including performing any legal action / remedies necessary.
  • We will disburse Owner funds monthly, with a complete accounting of Owner funds, and will pay any items related to the property at Owner request except mortgage payments. IE: taxes, insurance, home owner fees, utilities or save your funds at your direction.
  • All funds for both Owner and Tenants, including rents and deposits are held in a non interest bearing trust account through our office and are reviewed and audited by the Nevada Real Estate Division yearly.
  • All maintenance issues are received at our office; we will organize the repairs with the Owner permission between vendors and tenants while paying the bills from Owner accounts. We strive to keep the property up to the respectable and habitable condition and placing tenants that will respect the property.

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