Why Should You Rent From Sandy's Castles?

  • Come in and meet the staff and feel the small town, friendly service who can take care of all your rental needs face to face. We are always willing to take time and explain the rental process through our office, or if you work the odd and long hours, you can shop and apply online 24/7. You can contact us through email for any questions.
  • We require that you view the property prior to application approval. If you would like to see a property please call the office to schedule an appointment.
  • When you have a repair or maintenance request you can email it in anytime at your leisure, making your life just a little easier. Just email to repairs@SCElko.com. We provide a 24 / 7 contact number to report emergencies that may arise just call 775.397.0431 for after hour’s emergencies.
  • Every person 18 years of age and older must fill out an application and pay an application fee of $35.00. You will be notified of lease decision / approval within 3 business days.
  • Applicants will need to submit:
    • Application fee
    • Proof of employment
    • Identification
    • Current landlord or reference information
    with each application before application will be processed.
  • Applicants must view property prior to application process. Any holding deposits are non refundable, should you choose not to rent after deposit is paid.
  • Rent is due on the 1st of each month, late on the 2nd, we give you to the 5th to accommodate for weekends and holidays; in all cases the late fees start at 5:01pm on the last business on/before the 6th. Your rent will not be considered received / paid until the next business day the fees are as follows $60.00 on the 6th and $15.00 each day thereafter until all funds are paid in full. All monies paid will be applied to the oldest charges first. So if you have a past late fee it will be applied to that charge before being applied to your current rent due which will continue to gain due balance until all charges are paid in full.

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