Elko Nevada - Area Infomation
Elko is located in the northeastern corner of the state of Nevada, situated on the Humboldt River between Reno and Salt Lake City. Interstate 80 traverses Elko County, making it a convenient destination if traveling by car. Making your way to Elko you have several choices — by air, car, train or bus. The City of Elko sits at an elevation of 5,060 feet.

The high desert communities of Elko County experience four mild annual seasons. Fall is spectacular, heralding in warm days and cooler evenings. Winter months bring average high temperatures between 37-43 degrees. Lows average between 25-31 degrees. Much of the precipitation, an annual average of less than 10 inches, comes in the form of snowfall. Spring brings warmer temperatures accompanied by cool nights. During the warm, dry, summer months the average high temperature falls between 8090 degrees. Elko County’s dry environment provides a moderate climate, making it an ideal year-round vacation spot.

A land of adventure capable of stretching the limits of your experience. From the raw majestic Ruby Mountains to the rugged canyon steams, discover the unspoiled drama of the West. Unforgettable recreation spots and challenges will take you to the edge.
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